Short History

Big Brother Traders (Pvt.) Ltd. is the premier partner for all businesses that want to engage in international business as well as for those that want to do business with China or any other countries.

 Our trading activities are specialized in Optical, Ophthalmic Equipment’s, Pharmaceutical Raw material, Professional Toys, Mobile Phones and Mobile Phone accessories, textiles and construction materials but we also have large scale trading operations in cosmetics, luxury items and many other goods.

Group Business

DEVELOP Group Business

 The Big Brother group once started as a small consultancy company aiming to be a liaison between foreign companies and the Middle Eastern markets as well as the South Asian Market too. Now many years later, the goal remains the same but the scale and the service offering has significantly expanded. The Big Brother group is now an international player with offices in Dubai, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Iran, African Countries and Srilanka, that offers services in the field of trading, advisory, corporate finance and product sourcing.


You need to purchas? 
We are over the 20 years in the market for the same scenario and we know better!


You need to purchas? 
We facilitate our clients for A to Z processes of all steps in Business

Customer Service

we care with confidence!
We here always to answer your inquiries 24/7 for any Business inquiry

Secure Trading

You need to purchas? 
We are here to help you for whatever you need. Give us name, we will do the rest

Competitive Prices

You need to purchas? 
We are here to bring for you the most athentic, and relaible prices ever.


You need to purchas? 
We are monitoring all the market , Ups and Down of the Goods and informing our client

Our Latest projects

For the next generation

Wire Mesh Machine

Manufactur Sunglasses & Frame’s  Metal Cases in Your own wearhouse.
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Work With Us

Work with us. We are eligible to bring for you oportunity of business whatever you need from anywhere in the world


Get in Touch

Get in touch for any quries, information you want to know or any Business planes you want to discuse. We are here 

Happy Customers

"Big Brother Corporation Mr. Rehmat is one of my best vendor for all Switches , LED Bulb/Panels More than One Year for our company GS Electronics Peshawar Pakistan. We are really very happy by his Services, His thoughts of Business the way he is purchasing for us from China different Products from Different Manufacturer. We Trust him.."

Balos-khan-GS Electronics Peshawar Pakistan Afghanistan

Balos Khan

CEO at 
GS Electronics Peshawar

"We just meet with Mr. Rehmat Khan at Dubai in Exhibition of Vision-X at World Trade Center Downtown Dubai. He impressed us and we give him 3 Million $ Project for one University in Ilorin Nigeria. There Teamwork really impressive. They Purchased the complete Department Products and shipped from China to Nigeria, They installed and they Trained our students and Teachers."

Mr. Dasuki Imam GALADANCI

Mr. Dasuki Imam GALADANCI

Founder & CEO, Dashar Consult Ltd.

"Mr. Rehmat Khattak in Albur we meet him around 5 years ago. We order some small Quantity at the beginning. His quality of work insist us to order big quantities in Optical Machineries, Frames and Sunglasses. He already working with us with trust and respect. We appreciate his Business mind and his day and night Hardworking in any Project he get."


Miss Susete Ferreira

Head of Trading, Pro Mach Dubai

Our Skills

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We аrе gіvіng оur services to brоаdlу to thе Mіddlе east lіkе Dubаі, Sаudі Arabia, Oman, Bаhrаіn, Qаtаr аnd Kuwait etc., all Afrісаn соuntrіеѕ, Irаn and Pаkіѕtаn аnd Bаnglаdеѕh.

Also we аrе truѕtwоrthу nаmе in trading tо buy for оthеr реорlе, аnd we аrе not gеttіng рrоfіt frоm оur сuѕtоmеr directly.

  • Analytical Skill 90% 90%
  • Research 95% 95%
  • Focus 85% 85%
  • Control 99% 99%
  • Record Keeping 70% 70%

Our team!

Rehmat Khattak

Rehmat Khattak


Mazen Shaban

Mazen Shaban

UAE Director

Nawaz Khattak

Nawaz Khattak


Rafiq  Khattak

Rafiq Khattak


Nayar Khattak

Nayar Khattak

Sales Manager

Sherry Khattak

Sherry Khattak

IT Manager

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Our Great Partners the core of our business and we appriciate theire allways cooperation with us.

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Al Jurf-Al Bostan Road
971 55 9356169

+971 55 9356169



We Are Everywhere

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